Virtual Gaming and Betting

Virtual Gaming and Betting

As the society evolves and all the information is acquired online, we cannot but seek an
opportunity for online entertainment. Following the social media, online TV, watching on
demand programs, the gaming industry is keeping up with the trends. As opposed to the last
century when gambling was not even legalized in certain regions, and this form of entertainment
was considered a privilege of few, this century brings innovations in the form of virtual gaming.
You are invited to the new world of sports wagering, completely uninterrupted by outside events
to enjoy various computer-generated sports. The most popular virtual betting platforms include
virtual football, virtual horse racing, virtual dog racing, tennis, basketball and more.


Certainly one of the biggest attractions of virtual football is the latest 3D visualisation based on
real data followed by an extensive betting offering. The similarity to the real format is achieved
with the newest technological achievement for the players to be able to enjoy the experience to
the fullest. Other features of this format include high-frequency matches together with over a
thousand betting opportunities, detailed statistics and odds provided for those who enjoy
combining logical thinking and luck.

Horse Racing

For those who prefer a bit more dynamic life-style and betting of the same kind, virtual horse
racing is the new craze in the world of virtual gaming. Races are held every few minutes which
means you don’t have to wait long for the thrill. The most cutting edge visualisation contributes
to the most realistic and exciting gaming experience. With multiple races running
simultaneously, punters have a wide variety of events to bet on at any time. All these features
make this concept a unique and highly authentic experience. Statistical coverage is provided at
all times so that punters could make assessment ahead.

Virtual Dog Racing

Virtual dog racing remains one of the most popular virtual waging platforms due to its fast pace
in comparison to other formats, which brings about the excitement and competitive fever. New
races start every few minutes and are based on filmed racing sequences from real life racing
events. You have the possibility to choose whether the next race starts every minute, two or
five. In this way real-time feeling and thrill are guaranteed.